POD Locations

Got a station you need to head to but are unsure of its location? We've got you covered! 



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POD@Suntec Convention

(Main Entrance Driveway, level 1)

POD direction:

  1. Exit via Esplanade MRT Station Exit A
  2. Head towards taxi stand outside of H&M
  3. Turn right upon art fixture


POD@Marina One

(The Heart, Basement 3 Carpark)

POD direction:

  1. Exit via Marina Bay MRT Station Exit A
  2. Marina One Residences
  3. Head to Basement 3, The Heart



(Basement 1 Carpark)

POD direction:

  1. Head to Duo Towers
  2. Head to Basement 1


POD@National Library

(Bike Rack)

POD direction:

  1. Head to National Library
  2. Proceed to bike rack, behind Hanis Cafe


POD@Central Mall

(Bike Rack)

POD direction:

  1. Station is at the bicycle rack near to Central Perk Cafe.





Pod direction:

1) Head to Stadium MRT Station exit A

2) Head to bike rack outside of Stadium MRT Station


(Beside roots@one-north)

POD direction:

  1. Head from one-north MRT Station exit A
  2. Turn left upon top-side, and walk towards roots@one-north (cafe and bistro)