Frequently Asked Questions



How do I make the $49 deposit payment?

You can pay your $49 refundable deposit through the app’s wallet page, using your credit card details.

How do I top-up Telepod credits?

You can top up Telepod credits through the app’s wallet page, using your credit card details.

When your Telepod credits fall below $0.00 during your telepod trip, it will become negative and you will not be able to refund your $49 deposit until you top-up the credits to above $0.00 again.

Note that Telepod credits are not refundable.


Can I book more than 1 Telepod e-scooter?

You are only able to book 1 e-scooter per mobile phone.


What happens if the Telepod e-scooter runs out of batter in mid-trip?

You can return the e-scooter by kick-scooting it back to the nearest POD to you.

Using an e-scooter

How do I operate the e-scooter?

Accelerate the e-scooter with the trigger on the right of the handlebar. Brake using the lever on the left of the handlebar. Please be mindful that the brake is very sensitive and will trigger an electronic brake when pressed.

Note: Please do not attempt to adjust any settings on the screen or any parts on the e-scooter. If you encounter difficulty using it, please contact us on the hotline and we will assist you.

Ending the trip

How do I end my e-scooting trip at the Telepod station?

You have to park your e-scooter back at any PODs in order to scan the QR code on the station standee (not the QR code on the scooter) and end your telepod trip.

Can I end my e-scoting trip at another Telepod station different from my drop-off Telepod station?

You can end your trip by simply scanning the QR code on any telepod station standee regardless of which drop-off station you chose at first.

I can't end the trip at the station.

Ensure that your phone is not held too close to the QR code on the telepod station standee. If an error message appears while scanning the QR code, dial the hotline for assistance.

The station is too dark and I cannot scan the QR code on the standee. What should I do?

There is a torchlight function that you can press in the QR code scanning interface. If your phone does not have a torch-light, dial the hotline for assistance to end your telepod trip.

I can't locate the Telepod station! 

Refer to the directions provided on the website. If you are still unable to locate the station, dial the hotline for assistance. 

Telepod's safety guidelines

DO NOT scoot on the road. Scooting on the road is not compliant with LTA rules and regulations.

DO NOT attempt to adjust settings on the dashboard of the e-scooter or any other parts of the e-scooter.

DO NOT scoot at a speed higher than you are comfortable with; slow down on slippery ground.

DO NOT approach pedestrians at a high speed.

DO NOT park the e-scooters anywhere else other than at telepod stations.

DO NOT scoot in heavy rain, for safety reasons and for the longevity of telepod e-scooters.

DO NOT attempt to use telepod e-scooters without booking it through the app. Removing telepod e-scooters from the station without booking constitutes theft.